Welcome To My Blog On Mental Illness!

What exactly goes through the mind of a person who has a mental illness? That is what I plan to show you with this blog. Many people don’t understand why those with mental disorders act the way they do. How all of us act depends on what we are thinking and feeling at a particular moment. We act based on what we are feeling, thinking, and everything in between. Mentally healthy people can usually change their thought patterns in time, if they are willing to try. Mentally ill people have a much harder time doing so. That doesn’t mean it is highly unlikely and not worth trying. But, it does mean giving them more slack and consideration. They operate differently, so they have to play by a set of rules that is more nuanced than others.

Who Are You?

Have a Mental Illness

If you are reading this blog and have a mental illness then it’s safe to say you have a pretty good idea already what goes through the mind of someone with such a condition. In that case, you might identify with some, if not many, things I mention in this blog. However, because there is such a broad array of different mental disorders, and I am going to be focusing on one disordered mind, there will surely be some thought patterns and experiences not discussed. But, if you are mentally well, why might you want to read about what someone with a mental illness actually thinks? I’m going to answer that along with what led me to start this blog.

Know Someone with a Mental Illness

If you know someone who has a mental illness, you may want to get a better understanding what it is they’re thinking. Knowing that can make you more empathetic and help you figure out what they might need at a particular moment. And no, I’m not talking about telepathy. Perhaps you will have an epiphany or two about why you or someone you know acts strangely around certain people, places, and things.

Know Someone Who Is Misinformed About Mental Illness

Maybe you know someone who just doesn’t get or bother trying to grasp the reality of mental illness; that it is not something where you can just suck it up, put on your big boy pants, or pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. Possessing the knowledge of what are “normal” feelings and behaviors for a given situation doesn’t guarantee your actual feelings and behaviors will agree. This can go tenfold for the mentally ill. The other failure to grasp the reality of mental illness stems from the misconception that the mentally ill are usually very dangerous and should be avoided for the sake of safety. While several mass shooters likely had mental disorders of some kind, the vast, and I do mean vast, majority of the mentally ill are not dangerous or homicidal. They may not exhibit the healthiest of behaviors, but oftentimes we present more of a danger to them than they do to us.

All Others

Another possibility, although far less likely, is that you’re an actor playing the part of a person with a mental disorder and are looking for insight so you can really understand and dive into the character. You might be a researcher or a therapist looking for a mind to study. Well, this blog should give you plenty of material for that. You may even arrive at a diagnosis from this blog. The only other possibility I can think of is that you are extremely bored. I’d like to say welcome one and all.

Who Am I? Why Am I Doing This?

What brought me to the blogging world? Well, I’ve taken many different career paths in my life that all ended up being dead ends. One day, I remembered the joy of writing I felt as a kid. I loved reading the Goosebumps series by R.L. Stine, which inspired me to write some scary fiction. But, as I grew older I stopped writing for pleasure. After several years of writing nothing, my creativity and imagination started drifting away. Now, I’ve virtually come full circle. I want to cultivate that creative, imaginative side again. I still have a desire to write thriller, mystery, suspense and science fiction books. But, first I must get back my mojo. That’s something I hope to achieve for myself with this blog. As for you, I hope you will:

  • Learn something new,
  • Find a kindred spirit in me and an inspiration to help you through challenges,
  • Help me evolve into a better writer by giving ideas and feedback,
  • Or simply be entertained.

I invite you to come along with me on this journey. If you get something out of it, which I greatly hope, feel free to like, comment, share, follow, and all that good stuff. It is my intention to post something weekly. Full disclosure, it’s been about a dozen years since my last English class, so forgive me if my comma usage does not always seem to make perfect sense.

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