If I Had No Fear

The great Bob Ross said on many occasions that it’s your world and in your world you can literally do anything you want. In your world you make all the decisions. He was talking about painting, but it extends to other art forms as well, including writing fiction. In that spirit, I’m going to paint a picture of what I’d do if I had no fear (based on the premise I retain a holy fear of God, which includes respect for legitimate civil authorities, and that money is not a factor).

If I had no fear, I would do a lot of high altitude recreational activities. I don’t have a fear of heights, but a fear of falling from said heights. With that gone, I could do a ton of activities. First on my list would be to go skydiving. I would not need to be completely under sedation to do it. Any butterflies in the stomach I experienced would be strictly from the eagerness to jump. Next, I would do things like parasailing, paragliding, and hot air balloon rides. After that, I would come back down to the earth and do rock climbing, repelling, bungee jumping, spelunking, and scuba diving. For each activity I would take all the necessary precautions to avoid accidents and injuries of course, but none of it would disrupt my feelings of security and safety. I’d take plenty of pictures of my adventures so my friends and family could see. As a side benefit, it would be proof I’m not a boring person to anyone who raises the question.

If I had no fear, I would no longer be self-conscious. I wouldn’t care one bit what I wore out in public. It wouldn’t matter to me how I walked. Those thoughts wouldn’t even enter my mind. If someone pointed those things out to me in a derogatory way, my thoughts would be to momentarily pity the person, who obviously has unresolved personal inadequacies in order to say something like that, and then move on. I would be able to focus on conversations much more easily. My mind wouldn’t be distracted with thoughts of how I’m coming across to the other person or persons. That would free my mind to keep up with the discussion of the current topic and work out the best way to respond. That would likely lead to fewer embarrassment-worthy moments, and even if one occurred I wouldn’t feel any tinge of embarrassment. I would simply register in my mind that I erred and move on.

I’d jump at the opportunity to give speeches and talks. It would be the same for me as talking to the people I’m most comfortable with in the comfort of my home. I would be the first to volunteer for things. No more waiting to see how many other people raise their hands before deciding whether or not to put my own up. I would be more straightforward and forthcoming in my interactions in general. I would make my thoughts, feelings, and desires known whenever it was prudent to do so. If I didn’t want to go somewhere or do something, I wouldn’t make up excuses or say yes in the moment only to flake out later. Instead, I would simply decline the invitation/request and, if giving a reason was necessary, be honest in saying I just didn’t want to. If I was interested in a woman I saw, I would walk right up to her and strike up a conversation. The confidence would be apparent in the interaction, which would likely increase my attractiveness. The odds of going on more dates would be significantly improved.

If I had no fear, I would routinely attend new social gatherings. Meetup groups are one form of that. They are designed to introduce and socialize people who have something in common. Many are geared toward one specific activity like running or playing board games, while others include a variety of activities with the central purpose of just hanging out. I’d do some of both. In the process, I’d make a lot of new friends and possibly start a relationship. (If that relationship ended up being with the love of my life, I wouldn’t hesitate to commit to marriage and raising kids.) I wouldn’t shy away from noisy, crowded places like concerts. I would finally see live the various alternative rock and country bands I’ve been listening to for years.

If I had no fear, the job opportunities would be practically endless. For example, the sales and customer service fields would be open to me. There wouldn’t be any fear of rude customers or failing to make a sale. I could take jobs in which I had to give presentations and pitch ideas, because I could now do them convincingly. I would actually seek out jobs that had leadership roles built in. Being unafraid to enforce rules and regulations would make it easier for me to take on a managerial position or work security. Maybe I could be a professional pianist, because I wouldn’t be afraid of performing in front of other people. Of course, it would have been better if the fear had gone years ago and I hadn’t given up playing. Basically, the sky is the limit when the obstacle of fear is removed.

2 thoughts on “If I Had No Fear

  1. You are not a boring person because you don’t do all these things in real life. You are a very interesting person because you think of topics like this and share your ideas!

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